Discover the exciting world of guerrilla gardening and urban farming on a guided walk by one of our experts through the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The Subversive Gardener offers seasonal private and group field trips that last approximately 2 hours and covers about 1.5 miles of walking distance. Participants meet in a central location which is easily accessible by public transit or automobile.

The field trip not only focus on existing gardens, but also educate and invite participants to engage in their own guerrilla gardening along the walk with the Seed Pills provided.


- Enter an exciting world of guerrilla gardening and urban farming.

- Visit incredible urban gardens while surrounded by the vibrant streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

- Participate and engage in your own guerrilla gardening using the Seed Pills provided on the tour.

- Learn about varying styles and techniques including seed bombing, guerrilla grafting and midnight digs.