Tools by ‘q' is a collection of accessories designed to function as guerrilla gardening tools. This series presents a handbag, a briefcase, a loafer and a camera that double as tools to plant seeds and shrubs. Paired with a selection of seed pills, these products stylishly integrate gardening assaults into the guerrilla gardener's daily routine.

The 2-round tactical gravity planter is a handbag that has been created as one of a series of two objects. It accompanies the mk ii agent deployed field auger, dropping plants in the holes created by the briefcase. The leather handbag contains a conveyor belt driven by a motor. When the user presses the button on the outside of the bag, the belt is activated and a plant (contained in a biodegradable pot) drops from the bottom.

The precision bombing device I is a product intended for sowing seeds at long distances and over barriers (such as a fence). Although it appears to be a genuine camera, this piece has been fabricated from scratch. Inside, it contains a mechanism that projects small seed bullets 10-15 meters in distance.

The precision bombing device ii, aka 'the shoe' allows the user to plant a seed every 20 steps. The seed bullets are held in a small reservoir that attaches to the leg, feeding the bullets through a tube to a rotating cartridge. This piece allows the gardener to walk and sow, making gardening a part of their everyday routine.